What forms of payment do you accept when repairing or servicing Roller Shutters?
– what payment accepted when repairing = payment on invoice presented after repairs = 7 days through BSB. ACC. Payment on the spot using Eftpos = credit cards. Also cash payment on invoice being presented.

Are your call out fees included in the initial quote?
– There is no call out fees at all.

Do you Service all brands of Roller Shutters?
– We repair most makes and models of roller shutters, manual, electric and spring loaded. We don’t do low voltage operated and solar operated Roller Shutters.

Can you also organise brand new Roller Shutters to be Installed?
– We can organize and quote new roller shutters on the spot also can replace old shutters with new. All quotes complete with individual prices on each roller shutter helping you budget what rooms are more important to be done in accordance with your budget