man cleaning roller shutters


Roller shutters are now a part of our life they keep us warm, cool, secure and when you want that sleep in any time of the day or night, they cut the noise and darken the room for you.

In the protection of your own home or business you can control your own environment from within.

But while doing this your Roller Shutters are facing all the elements for you every day, they stand up to the wind, rain heat and dust.

That last element is what cleaning your investment is all about. DUST = REPAIRS = $$

To eliminate the dollar, you must clean your Roller Shutters curtain at least every six months or minimum once a year. You look at the front curtain when it is down, all might look good, but what is going on behind the curtain you never see or you mostly never care about.

As the dust builds on the back and front of the curtain, so when you roll it up every day, every week the dust is getting, thicker and building up inside the box area where the motor is. As week and years go by and you have never cleaned them the trouble is coming.

•    STRAPS on manual get tighter. Winders are getting harder to wind. Some peep holes not closing and jamming accurse, straps break, winders break etc.

That’s where I can HELP you and your investment to last a life time.

Never leave Roller Shutters closed for weeks,months or years that will damage it when you go to roll it up. Exercise your curtain at least once or twice a week up and down to beat the dust build up, if you don’t the pressure goes onto the strap and winder causing problems down the track.

By cleaning your Roller Shutters, you get more life out of your straps and winders.

Same goes for Electric Roller Shutters curtains, the roll will grow with dust and won’t fold as it should and will cause the pressure on the electric motor to break and gears too etc.

CLEANING: Will also save paint and powder coat damage.

Stops damage to track guides which guides the curtain into the track