Ready to convert your manual rollers shutters to electric?

Are you looking to upgrade your existing manual roller shutters or battery-operated roller shutter with an easy-to-use electric system?

You’re not alone

As Perth’s leading roller shutter company, our team has helped convert hundreds of Perth homes and businesses from manual roller shutters to electric roller shutters. Installing electric roller shutters delivers all of the advantages of conventional manual roller shutters without the burden and frustration of physical operation. Plus, they offer a more cosmetically appealing result. Join hundreds of satisfied Perth customers with a cost-effective, easy-to-operate system to deliver maximum protection for your home or business today.

There’s never been a better time to upgrade

Introduce the simplicity of electric roller shutter operation to your home or office now. We can help upgrade your manual roller shutters to an electric solution with the convenience of remote control or electric wall switch operation. We’ll manage the entire installation process from start to finish using our in-house electricians for a smooth transition to motorised operation. Our experienced team can quickly identify the perfect conversion method for your existing roller shutters and get the project moving faster.

Why upgrade your shutters to electric?

Electric vs. Manual Roller Shutters

Fewer maintenance issues

Over time, a manual roller shutter can become susceptible to ongoing maintenance issues leading to more frequent servicing. Electric roller shutters have fewer moving parts for reduced servicing costs and less adjustment. A shutter conversion can be the answer to ongoing repairs on your manual shutters. Talk to our team today about an electric solution with minimal maintenance.

No winder box and strap, ever again

Shutters are among the best upgrades that anyone can make to protect their home or business with so many advantages. However, manual roller shutters can become an instant burden. Say goodbye to annoying winder box and strap headaches forever with a durable and cost-effective electric solution. Talk to our team today for the perfect solution for your property that’s hard-wired for frustration-free operation year round.

Ultra simple operation

Easily open your shutters any time, day or night, with the single push of a button on your remote control or wall mounted control. Left unchanged, one of the significant drawbacks of manual roller shutters is the demanding physical task associated with their operation, preventing practical usage. Many of our customers report that they use their shutters far more frequently with the ease of electric operation. Call our team now to upgrade your roller shutter experience.

Faster opening and closing

Raise and lower your roller shutters faster than ever with a powerful 240V motor. Electric shutters operate significantly faster in both directions than battery and manual roller shutters so that you can quickly adapt to changing weather conditions, security requirements or light. Talk to our team today to supercharge the speed of your shutters.

More secure than manual shutters

Electric shutters deliver an additional layer of protection by restricting access to the raise and lower control of your shutters. Access to the remote or internal switch is necessary for operation to commence preventing external parties from gaining access to your property. Upgrade your security now with more window protection using an electric solution from Perth’s shutter experts.

Never charge batteries again

Battery roller shutters can seem ideal until constant charging becomes a nightmare. We can quickly convert your battery power shutters to a 240-volt power motorised solution. No more plugging your shutters into a powerpoint to charge the battery or more messy cords. Electric shutters over a visually appealing switch or remote and hassle-free operation. Upgrade to a hard wired, power solution to eliminate all of your battery issues now.

Get electric operation for any shutter

Our experienced team of shutter experts can complete a conversion on almost any existing shutters. From shutters protecting big windows to a tiny window install. Our team can explain the entire process and recommend the ideal solution for your home or business.


Do you offer free quotes on upgrades?

Yes. We offer free measure and quotes on roller shutters upgrades for validation purposes. If you need your shutters upgraded, call us today for a fast quote from our team.

Can I control each shutter individually?

Absolutely. Each one of your shutters can be easily controlled individually to match the requirements of the room once installed. Additional shutters can also be installed in the future typically.

Is a qualified electrician required for the installation?

Definitely, we only use qualified employees when working with electricity. We make the process simple by using our own in-house electricians to complete any electrical work necessary to facilitate the installation of your upgrade.