Protect your business with high-quality industrial roller shutters

At Perth Roller Shutters, we are the commercial roller shutter experts that have been helping local Perth companies secure their businesses for over 20 years. We only install well-engineered roller shutters and roller doors manufactured with high-quality materials that we are certain will deliver maximum security for your business.

German-engineered precision at affordable prices

Protect your business and keep your office equipment safe from intruders or inclement weather today with our high-quality industrial roller shutters manufactured in Perth from 100% German materials. Our professional team can provide some of Perth’s most cost-effective prices on industrial roller shutters and roller doors.

Frustration-free installation from start to finish

Our team will manage your entire roller shutter or roller door project to align with the unique needs of your commercial application for a frustration-free install and maximum protection. Contact us today for a free measure and quote on a roller shutter or roller door solution for your business.

Keep your company secrets safe from prying eyes

Keep your company’s secrets safe and gain total privacy now with an industrial roller shutter or roller door solution. Roller shutters or roller doors can easily prevent competitors or thieves from spying on your business with unprecedented levels of privacy control whenever you need it.

Simple remote operation for complete control

Our team can install remote control or manual operation solutions that deliver flexible levels of visibility control to match your industrial building privacy requirements. Industrial roller shutters and commercial roller doors provide total privacy and can be installed quickly at a great price that every business can afford.

Custom solutions for all commercial applications

We have a broad range of roller shutter and roller door solutions that have been manufactured with different features. Our experienced team will match the perfect solution to your commercial application. Whether you require a roller door for an industrial warehouse or office building, we can deliver a high-quality solution for your premises using materials from Germany and manufactured in Perth.

Secure the most vulnerable areas of your business

Every exposed window or door on your commercial building leaves your business exposed to break-ins, intruders, or worse. Left unchanged, unprotected windows or doors are a security incident waiting to happen. Take action today to secure your vulnerable windows or doors and prevent expensive downtime or loss of valuable inventory with a commercial roller shutter solution.

Prevent downtime before it happens

The most challenging part of any break-in or intrusion event is the downtime required to get everything back to normal. In a warehouse or office environment, the consequences of a security incident can be catastrophic. Talk to us today to get a free quote on the ultimate security for your business with industrial roller shutters or commercial roller doors.

Increase productivity with cooler temperatures in summer

Installing a commercial roller shutter or roller door can enhance your team’s productivity by delivering the perfect temperature all year round. Slash the price of your energy bills today and supercharge the energy levels of your employees with our insulating commercial roller doors.

More focus with lower noise levels

Get back to focusing on growing your business and responding to your customers’ needs. Roller shutters and roller doors can significantly reduce street noise and allow your team to focus without annoying external interruptions. Contact us today for more information on noise reduction solutions that we offer.


Can you help with roller shutters for all industrial applications?

Yes, we can assist with a range of industrial and commercial roller shutter and roller door options for any business environment. We’ve installed roller shutters and roller doors in all types of businesses from warehouses to factories, loading docks, and shopping centres. We can even assist with special features, for example: back-up battery operation for a roller door in the event of a power failure.

Do you offer steel roller shutters and aluminium roller shutters?

Yes, we have an extensive range of industrial aluminium roller shutters and steel roller shutters. Our team can quickly provide you with quality advice on the best industrial roller shutter or door solution for your business. There are many advantages and disadvantages of using steel roller shutters vs rail extruded aluminium shutters and we can match the right material to suit specific purpose and building. We only use aluminium but have extruded and heavy-duty options.

Are you an Australian operated company?

Yes, we’re a local Australian owned and operated business that’s been helping companies increase the security of their industrial buildings in Perth, Australia since 1999. We’ve been providing fast service at an excellent price for over 20 years in Perth, Australia. Contact us today for a free measure and quote on your new shutters or doors.

Do you have a service team for an existing shutter or roller door?

Yes, we can assist with any repairs for your existing roller door or roller shutter. Contact us today for any service request.

Do you offer services for standard commercial doors or industrial doors?

No, unfortunately we focus on delivering a high-quality range of roller doors and roller shutters to suit a broad range of industrial purposes. We recommend speaking to a business that offers services for standard door installs.

Can you help with repairs for my garage door or new garage doors?

Sorry, we don’t offer garage door services or repairs for garage doors. We recommend contacting a garage door specialist for assistance with any garage door issues, installation of new garage doors, or sectional doors.

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