Perth Rollershutters strives for excellence in quality products and ease of installations for our customers. We offer a wide range of solutions for both residential and commercial properties from roller shutters to security screens and more.

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All of the products we offer are 100% supreme quality German-made by Alulux. Alulux is one of the foremost manufacturers in the world for aluminium profiles. Every product is custom-made and built to be incredibly durable.

All products are made with diligence and an attention to detail that is second to none to create shutters that are created with utmost precision. There are only very few companies around the globe that are able to maintain this relentless benchmark of manufacturing quality.

A material is only truly worthy if it fulfills specific requirements. Customer requirements can be extremely diverse. Our company has a vast range of products to cover all demands and preferences. The end result is made exactly to the size specified by the customer.

To deliver on time, this approach requires flexible scheduling and exceptional expertise in logistics.

Enhanced Security

Australia’s largest home insurer, the National Roads and Motorists’ Association, reports that 55% of domestic home break-ins are through unprotected windows.

Our industrial-strength security screens can provide the first line of defense in this situation and has a main benefit of being a visual deterrent. They have a distinct operating and locking device that also delivers a physical impediment against forced entry. They create difficulty for forced entry, with or without tools, and provide obvious protection against burglary as well as vandalism by thwarting easy entrance through open windows.

Close off your home completely to outsiders or create a controlled outlook with partially opened slats. This allows you the ability to look out while still having privacy from the outside of the home.

Heating and Cooling

Our products stop the summer heat from radiating through windows and prevent heat loss during the winter months. This saves on heating and cooling costs all year round, while reducing your energy cost, as well as the damaging effects on our environment.

There is an added insulating feature of the air gap between the shutter and the window. These functions provide up to a 90% decrease in thermal transmission through the covered window.

Computer modeling through the University of New South Wales shows between a 25% to 40% energy saving on residential properties and up to 59% on residential units. The average home spends about $1,000 for heating and cooling, and this results in savings of up to $400 per year.

Noise and Light Reduction

The insulating quality of our products have the added purpose of diminishing the disturbance of unwanted noise by up to 50%. By generating an obstruction in front of the window, the noise stream is reduced, which is transferred by vibrations through the air. A substantial decrease in noise level is attained, whether it be barking dogs, noisy neighbours, or busy traffic.

In addition, they can prevent sunlight from fading your carpet, paintings, and soft furnishings. Window frames and interior furnishings will last longer. Preventing sunlight also provide great benefits for shift workers and young children needing to sleep.

Abrasive Weather Protection

Protect your property from the harsh Australian climate.

Our products offer a physical wall against flying debris, the driving rain, and high winds. Therefore, they are ideal for coastal areas and also advantageous for cyclone affected areas. They are particularly effective against hail as they shield the glass from breaking, as well as prevent possible personal injury.

The windows will not rattle nor leak, and will remain secure so you can sleep soundly through even the worst of storms. The heat from a bushfire can certainly shatter the glass in a window and allow the access of radiating heat or airborne ashes into the home. Our products create a barrier to stop burning debris from entering your home.

Electrical Conversion

Customers can expect a product that has the ability to be able to pay for itself due to cost savings on energy, not to mention overall peace of mind. A conversion to fully automated electronic controls is also available. We provide services to replace manual shutters with ones using remote control.

Electronic ones with electronic remote controls are more beneficial as there are no drillings needed or any damage to the wall. There is a master remote control that can open five or more shutters at the same time.

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